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Selected Published Articles

You can also find copies of most of my articles on Academia.

Minority Success in Non-Majority Minority Districts: Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’” with Lisa Handley, Thomas Brunell, and Bernard Grofman, Journal of Race, Ethnicity and Politics, First View (September 2019).

Five Lessons from the Mayor,” PS: Political Science and Politics 51: 1(January 2018), 169-72.

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Don’t Start the Party: Assessing the Electoral Effect of Legal Provisions Impeding Ethnoregional Parties” with Matthew Wright, Election Law Journal 13: 2(May 2014), 277-87.

Engineering Inclusion: Assessing the Effects of Pro-Minority Representation Policies” with Matthew Wright, Electoral Studies 32: 4(December 2013), 746-55.

The 2012 Latvia Language Referendum,” Electoral Studies 32: 2(June 2013), 385-87.

Dispersing Authority or Deepening Divisions? Decentralization and Ethnoregional Party Success,” Journal of Politics 74: 4(October 2012): 1079-93.

Has the Voting Rights Act Outlived its Usefulness? In a Word, ‘No’” with Tom Brunell, Bernard Grofman, and Lisa Handley, Legislative Studies Quarterly 34: 4(November 2009): 525-53.

Is It Time to Draw the Line? The Impact of Redistricting on Competition in State Legislative Elections” with Michael P. McDonald, Election Law Journal 5: 2(2006): 144-57.

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The Strengthening of Party and the Decline of Religion in Explaining Congressional Voting Behavior on Gay and Lesbian Issues,” PS: Political Science and Politics. (April 2005).

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Context and Francophone Support for Quebec Sovereignty: An Ecological Analysis” with D. Stephen Voss, Canadian Journal of Political Science 35: 1(March 2002), 75-101.

Drawing Effective Minority Districts: A Conceptual Framework and Some Empirical Evidence” with Bernard Grofman and Lisa Handley, North Carolina Law Review 79: 5(June 2001): 1383-1430.

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